A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

MANIC is a thrilling and brutal action game where you must fight off swarms of enemies whilst seeking vengeance against the mysterious group that murdered your family.

Set in the years following the second world war, a disturbance of peace began to arise. After returning from a hunting trip and discovering that your house has been burnt down and family killed, you depart on a journey to stop the causing group in their tracks. Along the way you encounter numerous individuals, all who experienced a very similar fate to you. But as you progress, the question emerges: Am I doing this for others, or for power?

In MANIC you can expect to see:

  • 10 unique levels each having their own locations, content and story segments
  • Over 30 different weapon types to collect and use
  • 4 intense boss fights
  • A variety of different enemy types
  • A deep and engaging story

Install instructions

Unpack the zip file and launch the containing executable/app.


Manic Release v1_1_0 94 MB
Manic OSX Release v1_1_0 96 MB


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I wasn’t expecting the game to be long, I thought it’s an indie horror game that had a throwback look that can be done quickly.

So to my surprise the game is pretty LONG and DEEP the story is conversation driven which i like a lot.

The concept is dark but has bright spots in many occasions and yea it’s a DIFFICULT game that doesn’t cut corners the attacks has to be on point and mistakes can lead to quick death.

I just wished their was more character development across the board with more conversations.

The weapons are fine but i felt not many of them stood out at the end i felt the the ammo/hit ratio led for the same result.

Overall it was a fun experience and i would recommend everyone to give it a go it’s one of the better indie games ✌🏼

If you’re still undecided you can check my gameplay to know more about MANIC

Really liked the pace of the story unfolding. And to be fair, the main character is surprisingly focused and clear headed given what happened. :)