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A darkness has risen, in the lands of humans. The church of Grathdor has spread to every region of the lands, corrupting the minds of the poor… Only one group of people weren’t deceived - the warriors of Nightguard. These were those who protected humankind, slaying the foul beasts who threatened lives. The church has now caught nearly everyone of the Nightguards, sacrificing them to their evil god Grathdor!

You, the last warrior of Nightguard, was caught, burned and thrown into the deeps of Hell… Though you were strong enough to resist the evil of these scorched grounds. You picked up your weapons, and charged into the Arena of Doom, as a final act of glory.


In this game you fight through hordes of enemies using weapons of your choice. As you progress further into the game, you may unlock brand new weapons and content. You can move around by using the WASD keys and can shoot with the left mouse button. Fight hard enough, and you might find yourself in a boss fight. In this game, we've added a feature called ‘Bloodpoints’. Your Bloodpoints constantly drain, and you must kill enemies the regain them. If your Bloodpoint percentage drops to zero, you will start losing health. If your amount of Bloodpoints are very high, you will regain health.


Megalink - (Coding, art and Sound Design)
Jackass - (Music Art, Writing and Sound Design)
Zyro - (Art and Coding)

Install instructions

Download and open the .exe file. This game does not work for Mac or Linux.


Inferno 1_1.exe 7 MB

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